When you design something, the limit is your imagination.

I do not define myself as an Artist, I define myself as a Designer.
This is what I can do

3D Design

Modeling, texturing, animating, simulation... in Softimage XSI.

Concept Art

Draw, paint, retouch photos, pixel art, logos... in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Web Design

HTML5, CSS3 and JS with notepad++, also desing visual aspect in Photoshop.

Game Design

Concepts, mechanics, characters, animations... in diferents platforms.

How I work
My creativity process start with a pencil, a paper and one idea. This is the start of the all pipelines.

Bring form
to ideas

I start sketching various ideas and concepts in many diferent forms.

media type

For the ideas, I choose the better way to convert it in real things. Image, video or vector.

Paint in

I pas the sketch to a digital with a graphics tablet and I paint it in Photoshop with all his filters and tools.

Model in

I like to scan the concep and model it from the scektch, later I photograph the textures for model and animate it.

Draw in

Many times I start drawing the concept with the pen tool other I draw it with my graphics tablet.

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